kim’s birthday surprise: may 8, 2010

My wife had no clue what the day would lead to. It all started on May 6. Normally, she would get flowers delivered to her work. She waited and waited, but no flowers. On May 7th (birthday eve), I surprised her with 2 dozen roses. She acted happy but I knew she was a bit disappointed because she really thought I FORGOT she disliked RED roses. My main motive was to get her a bit irritated.

The following morning I woke up really early (6:00AM) kissed her cheek (while she slept) and whispered to her that I needed to complete a wedding before we could do anything. Kiyana woke up at about 7:30 therefore she couldn’t sleep in. My poor wife felt as if there was nothing special going on and that I didn’t care it was her birthday.

So then by 10:30AM I mentioned that we had an appointment at 12:30. She had no clue as to what. It was for a facial at Ampy’s in Ala Moana.

Following her facial, we had an appointment for hair. Went to Kissa Salon where her brother Kit Luu worked.

Right after her hair, we went to MAC (which she LOVES so much) for mini make-over. The make-up took awhile which gave me some in between time to see what was on with the setup at the restaurant.

Right after the make-up session, we had an appointment for manicure and pedicure. Unfortunately, this session took the most time and delayed everything. Our surprise for her was set back 45 minutes. Everyone was getting hungry. But I am glad the delayed happened. People that texted me saying they would be late, was on time! YAY!

She thought the day was over…and didn’t know that the best was yet to come.

I mentioned to her that her while she did her manicure, I ran into one of her friends and mentioned that we should go visit them and their newly born son. Kim was excited. Emmelyn came to greet us at the front door. The rest is history. She will never forget this day.

Special thanks to Alex (who did all the background leg work) and video. And thank you to everyone who made it out to the party. Without you, this birthday celebration would have not been possible.

Watch the video below to see how the day unfolded.

Kim’s Surprise Birthday Party! from Alex Rapada on Vimeo.