The World Awaits for Kiara’s Arrival

Most of you who have been keeping up with my twitter and facebook updates probably already know that our newest member of the family has arrived. Kiara Ming Li Amodo was born on September 14, 2010 at 2:59pm. It all started on Monday September 13 at about 11:45am. My wife has been feeling a slight pain which escalated to a point were I decided that we needed to be admitted to the hospital. After a few tests, the pain miraculously subsided and my wife became stable for hours.  At one point I thought we would be discharged from the hospital. The hospital decided monitor us throughout the night. The following morning my wife was 5cm dilated which meant we were on our way. But Kim felt stable and hasn’t had any painful contractions. The waiting and the anticipation was unbearable. Again at one point, I thought we were going to be sent home.  And by 12pm Tuesday, the Dr.’s decided to break the water bag, contractions increased and at 2:18pm baby has dropped. Kiara was ready to enter our world. Regardless of how tired we were, we were ready. We started pushing at 2:30pm and at 2:59pm, our little Angel has finally arrived. Kiyana ran into the room shouting “my little sister! my little sister! You’re here!”. I smiled with tears running down my face as I witnessed for the first time my 3 girls being all together. Thank you Lord for blessing us with this little Angel. She is absolutely perfect and fits right into our little family. Welcome to our world Baby Kiara. Big sister, Mommy and Daddy loves you so very much!